Nentir Valley

Session 45

Session 45

After a long break the group reconvened.

They took the portal into the Raven Queen’s chamber and were immediately confronted by 25 angels and 5 of the Raven Queen’s acolyte.

They struggled, particularly Justin, in killing all 25 of the angels. At one point Justin shot at 12 angels and managed to hit a whopping 4. He immediately started running towards the nearest ledge (10 feet tall) in hopes of jumping off and committing suicide. Luckily the group bloodied the 3rd of the 5th acolytes to stop the encounter.

At this point the Raven Queen appeared and Justin got a raging boner. She wasn’t impressed though and disintegrated his conjured rose. His boner disappeared.

They then found out that Orcus is trying to steal very powerful artifacts from Death’s Reach and she needs the group to go into Death’s Reach and stop his attempt. The group then took a portal into death’s reach and horribly failed a series of challenges to arrive in death’s reach down a few healing surges, prone and surprised. However they blew up that encounter and destroyed the 3 Dark Star Scourges.

After which they encountered an angel of Vecna holding a very powerful orb (the eye of vecna). They were able to convince her that they had the same goal, to stop Orcus. At this point the angel of Vecna gave Justin the orb and allowed him to attempt to “elongate” into a rod. He used all of his magical abilities to turn the orb into the most bad ass selfie stick. Undoubtedly this will become a way to send dick pics to Vecna at all hours. haha

Thanks for coming guys, good to get back on track!



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