Nentir Valley

Session 44

Session 44

The group of Aly, Ashley, Connor and Justin succesfully defeated the 3rd and 4th trials tonight. The first trial consisted of taking out a raging Goristro and multiple death knights. Down below in a hidden chamber they found the Raven Queen Skull she requested and stored a healing surge each in the magical item.


Then they advanced to the fourth trial where they took out a death giant who was burning scrolls and books and a team of smaller spiders.


Finally they advanced to the 5th trial and found Mauglirien (one of the ebon riders) who had killed Fadhira (the keeper of the trial grounds) and was holding onto her soul along with a few reanimating corpses and 3 rot hurlers.

The group dispatched of them all and during the fight Mauglirian summoned the lich king to fight by his side. The group battled hard and killed all of the evil forces.


Fadhira’s soul persisted just long enough to open a portal to the raven queens lair and the group took a well deserved extended rest.




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