Nentir Valley

Session 43

Session 43

The group consisting of Fudbuck, Abraxus, Erdan and the Wild Card teleported to Zroman and started their series of trials in order to be granted access to speak with the Raven Queen.

Their first trial consisted of fighting 2 hordes of ghouls, a nasty caster that alternated stunning and dazing connor and aly and finally 2 rotting hurlers. Aly started off by killing both rotting hurlers in like 1 turn, insane. Then the group came to halt as their dps was stunned and dazed and the hordes took half damage from range or melee attacks.

Eventually however the group emerged victorious and stood in the thorns to unlock the first gate, passing trial 1.

The second trial consisted of 3 bone nagas, and another nasty caster. The group was far more effective in dispatching this pack of creatures and quickly bathed in the cleansed cistern to pass the 2nd trial.

They are taking a short rest getting ready for the next series of trials, huzzah!



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