Nentir Valley

Session 42

Session 42

The group of Fudbuck, Abraxus and Dr. Jonathon Pipes ventured up to the top of the spire and encountered Urishtar Nightwyrm. He split up into 3 versions of himself and it was a long battle. Fudbuck died 3 times during the battle but the group ultimately succeeded. Then the group leveled up to 21 and became Epic Tier adventurers. Unbeknownst to the rest of the party, Sleazy was busy top 8ing a Magic the Gathering Tournament.

In the dragons horde they found 5000 platinum a few astral diamonds, 2 unhatched eggs and a scroll that had something about death’s reach and souls over and over again. They also found a soul ring that had Jothan Ironspells soul. They left the Shadowfell and returned to Vaestar to help resurrect Jothan. During which Sleazy saw a vision of a powerful mage that told him they need to go moonstair and travel and speak with the eladrin king in the feywild to find out about what is happening between the Raven Queen and Lord Orcus.

The group returned to MoonStair and it has transformed into a huge city and is now the capital of the continent. While they were in the shadowfell time has progressed in a nontraditional order so its been 15 years. Sleazy had a 3 way with the leader of Moonstair and her husband. Granted they are both 55 year old humans but he was down with that. Then they had a situation in which a man was found to rape little boys and the group had to decide what to do the man. They decided to set him up in the town square for a week in which anyone could come up and rape him for a week and then they burned and killed him. This laid down a very strict punishment system for the city of Moonstair.

Eventually the traveled to the FeyWild and spoke with the King Eladrin. Here they learned that Lord Orcus was a total dick. He had enlisted a large group of undead warriors called the Ebon Riders to assault the Raven Queens hold in hopes of killing her so Orcus can become the King of Death. Here they learned about many of the lieutenants and their powers and also learned that there is a powerful walled off section in the shadowfell called Death’s Reach and that Orcus’s cult is trying to access it to find very powerful magical items and primordials who have been trapped there to help Orcus defeat the raven queen.

Then the group used its ritual portal to travel to the shadowfell to the Vrimora to past the trials to go speak to Raven Queen. When they cast the portal instantly a group of the Ebon raiders teleported in and assaulted the group. They defeated the party which included a lich. They lich’s phylactery wasn’t in that location so when he was destroyed his soul teleported back to its true location and he isn’t truely dead.

After they defeated this small group of Ebon Raiders the group progressed towards Vrimora in order to pass the trials. At this point the group called it a night and got ready to progress towards the Raven Queen.




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