Nentir Valley

Session 40

Session 40

The group scaled the battlefronts and encountered a large group of salads, wait i mean salaads. Connor was trying to continually immobilize the salads but unfortunately salads have the innate ability to teleport. Thus breaking Connor.

However the group killed them all and got the final soul ring. Which then summoned the maggot lord Magrathar.

This 4 pronged maggot wizzard railed on Justin over and over and over again. Continually killing him , but somehow Justin prevailed. I think at one point justin was standing above himself watching himself sing, he was combination of Fergie and Jesus.

However the group won and were granted a total of two +5 weapons and the ring of magrathar. They are now attuned to enter Urishtar’s tower and are headed towards the end of this long run to kill Urishtar and stop the souls being erased.



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