New locations and people to check out

City of Vaester and the Nightwyrm Fortress.

The merchant Sir Halumoor Ironspell his son Jothan Ironspell. His son’s best friend Moyshanna. The local priest Beldan. Last, but not last the great wyrm Urishtar Nightwyrm.

I would probably check out the characters in the order I listed them or just bounce around as you feel interested. Have fun! Can’t wait to start the next campaign on friday march 15th.

MOST RECENT SESSION WAS: Session 33 in March 2014.

Welcome to the Nentir Valley campaign homepage. Click on the tabs above to navigate the information from previous sessions and please create a character page for your own character so other people can read up on your stats and background to create a better gaming environment. Perhaps bring a laptop to the next session as I will open up webpages while we game so you can read information on NPCs and prominent locations as we adventure.

Within this website you will be able to explore to find out information concerning other characters you have encountered in our adventures, capsules that summarize the events that occurred on previous sessions, major items and maps to use as a reference and ultimately once you have uploaded your characters information to this website you can virtually track and monitor your character online.

This should really help to keep people up to date on the campaign if you have to miss a session or two and also help to refresh your memories before we start another adventure.

Over the next couple of days I will be updating this webpage with information from our first session back in May. I look forward to seeing everyone next friday June 17th for session 2.

in session 1 the group invaded kobold hall after beggining by meeting in the nentir inn in FallCrest

Had Session 2 last night where we dusted off Kobold Hall and headed out to Winterhaven

Had Session 3 a few months back, and getting geared up for session 4, lets go!

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9

Session 10

Session 11 there’s a new “batman” in the group!

Session 12

Session 13

Session 14 The 2nd campaign is over! The group has cleared and repaired the seven pillared hall.

Session 15 Into the Pyramid of Shadows.

Session 16

Session 17

Session 18

Session 19

Session 20 The pyramid of shadows crumbles!! Paragon!!

Session 21

Session 22

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After that, take a look at the “Characters” tab and read up on some of the characters from previous sessions.