Thunderspire Labryinth

History: Hundreds of years ago, the proud race of minotaurs founded the city of Saruun Khel in the depths within and below Thunderspire Mountain. Only three short centuries ago a battle for the throne of Saruun Khel eruped into a vicious civil war. Out of anger at the minotaurs’ growing devotion to the Underdark’s diety Torog, the demon lord Baphomet cursed them with mindless fury. Thus in madness the minotaurs slaughtered each other to a few remaining maddened minotaurs that scattered the once ancient city.

Over the next 275 years various explorers entered the labyrinth ruins seeking treasure, very few survived as the denizens of the Underdark spread from within to overrun the once proud city.

A mere 25 years ago the three most powerful wizards in the land (Hasifir, Niame and Samazar) came to the mountain and beat back the throngs of Underdark creatures to recapture the old city. The wizards even gained amulets which allow them to control the gigantic bronze minotaur constructs that are littered around the cities stronghold – the Seven Pillared Hall.

Now these mages and their apprentices run the city with a cold authority and allow for a trade to exist between the creatures from the underdark and the various creatures from the land above (albeit at a cost, the mages take first crack at all items up for trade and take a 20% cut on all transactions) The peace seems to be threatened as of late as a cold, dark feeling has overcast the Seven Pillared Hall.

Thunderspire Labryinth

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