Nentir Valley

Session 2
Session 2

Our adventurer’s entered room 4 and kill multiple drakes, kobolds, and other creatures while avoiding a huge boulder that was barreling around the room. After killing the kobold wyrmpriest the group decided to head towards the dragon’s lair.

After a long battle with an epic white dragon the group prevailed and found a note hinting towards a cult and a lost adventurer douven staul who has traveled towards WinterHaven.

On the way towards WinterHaven the group was overrun by a small pack of kobolds but they had no problem overcoming them while approaching the walls of WinterHaven. This is where the group night came to a close.

Session 1 (into Kobold Hall)
Kobold Hall Night 1

Our first night started with Sarah (a dragonborn Paladin), Tim (a Drow Thief), Aly ( a tiefling Bard), Parker (a dwarf shaman) and Wally (a Drow bersrker?) met up in the Nentir Inn on the west side of the capital of the region known as FallCrest.

The group met up and spoke with the Erandil Zemoar, the bartender, and learned that the lord of the region is looking for adventures to wipeout a Kobold threat that has been throttling trade to Fallcrest from the western cities. They also spoke with a shifty Tiefling named Serim Selduzar who claims to have royal blood and a stake to the lordship of the region.

The group decided to go to the Lord Warden Faren Markelhay and spoke with him about this proposition. The group came to an agreement that for every kobold’s proof of demise they will be rewarded with 10 gold and if they can prove they have cleared out the entire kobold threat they will be rewarded furthermore.

The group travels west towards the location of kobold hall that the lord gave them on a map and arrived at the destination after a difficult journey. They entered the first room of the Hall and dispatched of the various kobolds without much problem. They then entered a room with various coffins and niches in the wall with traps in them. After navigating the traps they defeated the kobolds in the room and prepared to enter the next room.

In this third room the adventurers found the kobolds playing a game known as “skull skull” where a skull attached to the ceiling with a rope is swung back and forth trying to knock off objects above coffins 10 feet below. After being interrupted the group struggled to clear out the room.

At this point the session ended in anticipation of entering the fourth room.


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