Salvana Wrafton

owner of wrafton's inn


Wrafton’s owner and proprietor is a female human named Salvana Wrafton. She employs several waiters, waitresses, and cooks. Salvana is friendly and open, quick with a smile and a warm welcome. She will happily tell you tales of all the comings and going in WinterHaven.

ouven Staul —> i remember him, he had a room for a while, and had some business with Elian. He disappeared one day and never returned.

ancient keep—> just northeast of here, up in the Cairngorms. But no one goes there. Too dangerous, too many monsters, ghosts, vampires I hear. Valthrun knows more.

We were attacked by red and brown humanoids—> Kobolds! Those buggers are braver all the time. Lord Padraig would probably be interested in hearing you story. He’s been trying to get a malitia to clear them out recently.

Cult activity? —> Thats ridiculous! winterhaven follows the teachings of Avandra. there are no cults anywhere around here, I am sure of that!

Nervous —> who know? Am I able to red minds? If you want an ale or a shot of spirits talk to me.

Orcus cultists —> Who’s Orcus? A demon lord you say? Valthrun knows his demon lords better than most. Talk to him about that.

Salvana Wrafton

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