Rendil Halfmoon

cocky good natured halfling who knows the ins and outs of the mountain


Who are you —> “I’m Rendil Halfmoon, and I live here. Well, not here, but in the ”/campaign/nentir-valley-tait/wikis/seven-pillared-hall" class=“wiki-page-link”> Seven Pillared Hall. Thanks so much for helping me. Come with me to the Halfmoon and I’ll buy you an ale or four. It’s the best inn – well, the only inn, this side of the Labyrinth."

Why are you here —> “Those Hobgoblins grabbed me a few hours ago. I was tailing them cause they were hanging around my family’s inn yesterday. I wanted to figure out what they were up to, but they caught me snooping on them.”

What is this place —> “You’re in the Labyrinth, the untamed region in the depths of Thunderspire Mountain. We’re not too far from the ”/campaign/nentir-valley-tait/wikis/seven-pillared-hall" class=“wiki-page-link”> Seven Pillared Hall. Adventurers such as yourselves can easily find employment in the Hall, if that’s what you are looking for. Just stay on Brugg‘s good side – you don’t want him or the Mages of Saruun to pay too much attention to you, if you know what I mean."

Know anything about the Bloodreavers —> “Those hobgoblins you just beat up are some of the Bloodreavers. A lot more of them are around, but you won’t see them up here. They hide out down in the Chamber of Eyes. Filthy muck eaters, all of em are scum. They are thieves and slavers, and not necessarily in that order.” “Listen if you have a score to settle with those bastards I can help you out. I can tell you how to find the Chamber of Eyes. I’d like to see someone teach those slavers a lesson”

Rendil Halfmoon

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