Ordinator Arcanis

The current mage representative in the Seven Pillared Hall


The Ordinator Arcanis wears depe black robes and a golden mask of an impassive, stylized human face. This mysterious figure serves as the magistrate for the Seven Pillared Hall. As the representative of the Mages of Saruun, the Ordinator Arcanis judges guilt or innocence in grievances and acts as an arbitrator in all disputes.

There is not a single Ordinator Acracnis. Each mage of Saruun takes up the golden mask and black robes in turn to rotate the responsibility throughout the organization. Whenever he enters a room everyone trembles. It is not unusual for him to remain unseen for weeks or months at a time, only to appear suddenly to execute the law of the mages or to settle a dispute with swift and harsh punishments. Most people know you can summon him by speaking his name while standing in front of the large minotaur statue in the center of the hall.

Orontor now resides in Pharvorul where he is the liason from the seven pillared hall to the underdark.


Ordinator Arcanis

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