Lord Warden Faren Markelhay

the lord of Fallcrest


Lord Warden Faren Markelhay lives in Moonstone keep on the highest bluff on the northeastern corner of Fallcrest. He is 43 years old, and his family has maintained a ruling capacity of the region for over 300 years. Markelhay is an extremely intelligent man with a dry wit and a keen interest in local history. He is constantly looking for adventurers to dispose of threats to his city. He always has his ear to the ground for news from other towns in the valley and he never turns away stories from outside regions.

His largest interest currently is disposing of the Kobolds that have invaded Kobold Hall to west on the gold road.

He is good friends with Lord Ernest Padraig who runs the town of Winterhaven to the west.

looking for mentor Douven Staul to the west. he left 3 months ago to look for a dragon burial site. (1250 xp for discovering his fate)

A priest recently approached him saying that witnesses saw a small group of death cultists heading west toward winterhaven a year ago. The priest has since learned the leader is a twisted and dangerous cultist. See what you can find concerning a cult in the area. (2000 xp and 250 gold reward)

Lord Warden Faren Markelhay

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