Lord Szartharrax


Lord Szrtharrax is young white dragon who runs the Skull Kicker Tribe in Kobold Hall. He isn’t as powerful as his older siblings but he has lofty expectations of the force he will exert in the future.

In his cave he has the following letter.

Lord Szartharrax-

Your growing strength and influence can’t be ignored by the human’s of FallCrest. I have my own growing legion of goblins and other foul creatures influencing the areas to the west of Kobold Hall near WinterHaven. Together you and I can rule the roads between the two cities. Furthermore there is something even bigger in the works here near WinterHaven but I can’t write of it in fear of this letter being intercepted. Perhaps we can meet and sicuss these matters further? Let’s meet the ever of the next solstice.

Warlord Irontooth

Lord Szartharrax

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