Lord Ernest Padraig

the lord of Winterhaven


Ernest Padraig is the lord of Winterhaven and is a descendent from the noble family that ruled the area under edict of the old empire. Folks around Winterhaven were happy with his father’s authority and they have found answering to the rules of the new lord just as simple. On the other hand he doesn’t have absolute power, he has been unable to raise a force among villagers to deal with the kobold problem on the old King’s Road to the east.

Padraig commands the Winterhaven Regulars, a core group of ten soldiers who perform guard and police functions around the village.

His wife and 4 sons live in the Manor House which is staffed by 5 servants. The manor is a beautiful example of stone architecture in a village otherwise composed of thatch and wood.

  • hold keys to siege supplies room which holds water, food and other basic foodstuffs.

have a job—>You’ve encountered the kobolds that have turned the old King’s Road and our outlying farms into their personal hunting grounds? Those beasts vex me sorely. Yet the villagers refuse to recognize the seriousness of the problem. Attacks along the road have grown more frequent over the last few months. Somethng’s stirring the kobolds up. I don’t suppose you would be interested in taking a commission from me? I promise you, I can pay well for your services."
(gives map to location of kobold lair to southeast of village. free to keep all loot, even if it is of former ownership of Winterhaven’s villagers. 100 gp reward for proof of demise)

Cult—> Do you know something that I don’t? Is it serious? Should I be concerned? No, of course not. A cult? Here? Preposterous, I say. Preposterous."

Lord Ernest Padraig

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