Erdan Demonfoe

Elf Ranger Artillery Badass


Erdan is a tricky elf from the deep woods who delights in immobilizing his foes with his volleys of arrows before dealing the killing blow. He is reckless in general and a fierce friend.


Erdan, a lifelong seeker of the lost Illafern civilization grew up on the edges of society and learned much of his bow-craft from his clan. Ages ago it seems, he fell in with what would become his lifelong friends and adventuring companions, Guzzle, Fudbuck , Sleazy, The Esteemed Dr. Pipes, Abraxus and the giant Robot guy they found in a closet. They have been adventuring through Nentir Vale ever since. Defeating ogres, evil dwarves, undead cults, drow demon worshipers, the OT (original troll) and hosts of other monsters beyond count. Under the guidance and vision of Sleazy he also sits with the other adventurers at the top of a growing trade consortium. Now, Erdan seeks to become a most perfect agent of deaths will. A divine finger of fate on the battlefield. After all, no creature mortal or god can escape deaths will.

Erdan Demonfoe

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