Eilian the Old

lod farmer in WinterHaven


This old farmer is a regular customer at Wrafton’s. Every night, Eilian takes a seat at a tale in the corner. He has a farm down in the valley along the Old King’s Road. Eilian has an interest in Winterhaven’s history and formation. He is a good source for local information, a good drinking buddy and he loves to talk.

Douven—> You knew douven? I always wondered what happened to him! He had questions about the old burial site southwest of the village. Thought a dragon might be buried there even! I told him it was probably just and old trash heap, but he wouldn’t hear it, no sir! Well, of course I gave him directions to the place. I am something of a historian of the area, you know! Oh yes, Douven! Well he took my directions and we haven’t seen hm since. I do Hope the poor man is all right!
(he pens a small map showing the way to the burial site)

attacked —> Little red and brown bandits on the road you say? The old King’s Road? Really? I hadn’t heard. could be recaps. They slip out of the Feywild every so often to cause mischief, but I haven’t heard about any … well, I’ve never heard about them around here. Are you sure it was redcaps?

Cult —> Cults? like a death cult or something? Wow, wouldn’t that be something to see. Do you think they sacrifice victims to the Raven Queen of some foul demon? Where did you say these sacrifices were happening? Can I go see?

Nervous —> Something’s changed in the air. somewhere a door has opened… and it’s dark behind that door! At least, that’s the dream I had, and I still feel unsettled by it. I don’t why everyone else is acting so strangely.

Eilian the Old

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