Nentir Valley

Session 9

After a 6 week hiatus the group reformed after killing Lord Kalarel and headed towards Thunderspire Labryinth to take out the Bloodreavers. This is a group of hobgoblins who is running a slave trade group primarily through a place called the Chamber of Eyes.

Once the group arrived at Seven Pillared Hall in the heart of the labyrinth they encountered Brugg, a tall ogre asshole. He demanded to be given 200 gold for entrance into the city and was challeneged by guzzle to a drink off. Instead Brugg punched swamp thing over and over again making him feel like a dick. Afterwords Cohen aka mage libaracci spoke with the Ordinator Arcanis (acting mage head) and agreed to help out the cause to kill the blood reavers in exchange for the ability to not have to pay to trade in the city and the ability to trade with the mages at a later point in time.

The group then headed into the chamber of eyes and took out the bloodreavers. They now intend to head back to the Seven Pillared Hall to discuss their successes with various people.



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