Nentir Valley

Session 46

Session 46

The group of Kenny, Connor, Ashley and Brian decided to go for a loot run after hearing of 2 locations containing mythical old loot.

First the ventured to Yagul lair and found the crazy 12 foot tall being muttering too himself on a stone throne. After trying to reason with the beast they for a few rounds they soon realized he was summoning …. THE BONESTORM.

The bonestrom and Yagul did an insane amount of AOE damage to the party and they finally managed to disperse enough to escape to limit the AOE damage for a few rounds. Without too much trouble they disposed of Yagul but the BONESTORM was another issue. Being a storm, made of bones, they had little ability to single target damage that which is a storm MADE OF BONE. Kenny was hit in the face repeatedly with barrage after barrage of massive bones. But they eventually cleared the foe to find a lot of gold, XP and an awesome invisible bag of holding.

The group then ventured to the spire holding ancient war relics. So ancient that DR pipes couldn’t even find them in his books. After inspecting the astral diamond powered force field they were ambushed by 3 War Relics that basically fucked them up. Dr. Pipes chilled on the ground and laughed at the MEGA MARKING war relics while Kenny burnt through approximately 58 healing surges.

After an exhaustive battle the group finally vanquished the foes, and found a set of level 6 armor and weapons that are older than pre dawn war.

They then took a needed extended rest and focused on the task ahead. To go to Nerull’s Gate to summon the Raven Queen and more importantly how they could avoid another BONE STORM!!!



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