Nentir Valley

Session 37

Session 37

The group started off by entering the frost wing.

All of the encounters were frost resistant (fuck you connor and aly) But they were still able to advance fairly quickly.

They made it through the first encounter fairly easy, and on the second encounter Guzzle returned, and not only did he returned but he returned in pure Parker fashion, involving a skill challenge sequence (in which failed checks resulted in you being drunk), a deluge of vines (which were edible, but when eaten made you drunk) and he arrived naked and unconscious with a dead “bearded naked devil”. Reasons … unknown.

Then the group entered the third encounter, when Justin tried to one man the third encounter. At some point after 400 damage the group realized that maybe that attack was a tad overpowered. After reading the word “daily standard action” we realized the attack was a one turn power. Furthermore Justin immediatly decided to become a moderator on the DnD forums so he can back his belief that he should be even more overpowered. For the next three hours Justin alternated crying in a corner and complaining that his encounters are better than his dailies. In actuality he sucks at choosing dailies.

Finally the group defeated the final encounter when justin used his encounters to lock down entire segments of the room. At some point they just threw swords in desperation. But in all the group cleared the second wing of the dungeon.



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