Nentir Valley

Session 36

Session 36

The group fought there way down a necrotic corridor in which the first and third sections were infused with a powerful -10 necrotic energy pulse but the middle section had a strong +10 radiant pulse. The group dispatched of 4 abysal ghouls and, 2 bone nagas and a dude at the end who was way stronger but was locked down the entire fight (fuck you tait, oh wait that makes no sense why would I say that, lol)

They then encountered a really strong level 24 dragon whose phylactery was being held in the next room. They diplomatically reasoned with the dragon to create an exchange, his phylactery for the dragons platinum and weapons.

The group went into the final room, killed a ton of really strong ghouls and a NightWalker. They fought bravely, well for the most part. Connor and Justin mostly sat in the corner and dodged the necrotic pulses. Actually Connor succesfully burst most of the necromatic magic on Ashley. They then found the first of the 4 soul rings and found two +5 weapons and leveled up 19! Huzzah.



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