Nentir Valley

Session 35

Session 35

The group started off with a bang, literally a bang of ice exploded as the Archangel of Vengence emerged from below. Naturally Connor pulled the angel of death, and naturally the angel had a continual teleportation next to connor for the rest of encounter. Even better he got killed on his first turn. The group eventually cleared the room, level up to 18 and then Justin had to use his love device (aka bro-skull of masturbation) to teleport into the Sartin Tomb. There the found Sartin skull, a very powerful, and now happy, skull. The group then continued on into the room with the giant black obelisk and killed off the Efreet and his fire archon cronies. Thanks to Aly shouting from the other room who the figured out the puzzle immediately they solved the puzzle stepping on the buttons that spelled out light.

Then they teleported into the Shadowfell and were immediatly encountered by a group of wraiths. These were some nasty wraiths with auras that sucked away surges and weakened. The highlight was Justin getting an opprotunity and missing horribly, and then later critting with a melle basic and dealing a whopping 15 damage. But Justin has never been so excited for 15 damage before. BROOO!! With all the “Bronuses” and “Bro0-ken” abilities the “League of Extradoniary Gentleman” cleaned up.

They then walked in Magthedar’s Teeth and cleared out the first stench filled room killing a bunch of wights and ghouls. The group is now low on surges and has yet to find a safe place to recharge.



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