Nentir Valley

Session 34

Session 34

The group found the entrance into Sartin Tomb, and on the way killed 2 golems, 2 gargoyles and Gibbering Abomination that was a reincarnated version of our dear friend Guzzle! He spoke endless words and sounds at once to lower everyone’s ability to think and attack! Sounds about right haha.

Connor smartly walked right up to the door and set off the trap and immediately ran backwards before aly dearmed the trap.

The group then entered a room with 2 bone nagas (hidden in Justin’s pile of skulls), 2 bone champions and 2 lightning obelisks. Aly was able to succesfully disarm the obelisks, while justin tweedled along with his mage hand for multiple rounds to no avail. The group killed everything and found 4 words (fate, stark, winter and destiny) in particular corners of the room. The cleared the large pit in the middle of the room and made into the final room.

Here the group was consistantly teleported around and took 10 force damage each time. They tried to disarm the trap using justin’s whispering wind but to no avail. Eventually our heros cleared the enemies and were able to disarm the trap. Only 1 more encounter until they reach a room of safety!



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