Nentir Valley

Session 33

Session 33

The group left the Abyss and ventured back into their own realm. the went to the Thunderspire Labryinth and found out that the dead can no longer be brought back to life using resurrection spells.

In the mean time the group went back to moonstair to check on their investments. Overall new vegas aka moonstair is a propsering money pit/cesspool. Great economic discussion occured between our resident Sleazy CPA and the governer Rondell. They agreed to receive a 20% discount on all items from their store.

The group then progressed to Vaester and found out that perhaps the dragon Urishtar Nightwyrm is stealing the souls of those that have deceased. The group entered the city while the cleric Beldan was attempting to raise the dead Jothan Ironspell. After the spell failed and a mist version of a dragon emerged from the tomb as the spell failed and a group of wights and undead emerged. They fought off the undead and enlisted the help of Moyshanna to investigate a portal into the shadowfell.

Then the group entered the Gloomsdeep and took out the enormous original carrion worm. Now they are on the way to Sartin’s Tomb to find the portal to the shadowfell.



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