Nentir Valley

Session 32

Holy Shit, Connor

So the group battled south down through the Gallows to take out the Oni Lord Ballad, with relative ease, then they battled through the staging area with the 2 mummies the death knight and the bishop. Unfortutanately Aly killed the bishop in 1 elongated string of crits and Connor/Chad trapped one of the 2 mummies in a corner. Nobody puts Mummy in the corner!

Then the group went through a 3 stage skill challenge to enter Zirithian’s Ziggaurat, here they had to first pass an individual endurance check, then they had to convince a keeper that they were dead (sorry Amanda and Aly, you couldn’t succed) and finally they each had a 1 on 1 mental conversation with Lord Orcus as to why they should be spared. Such comments included Justin asking to open a free trade agreement and Ken throwing down some strange cryptic hashtags. Orcus throught that Ken must have been going mad just adding in random # all over.

Finally the group entered the Ziggauraut and started to fight the final encounter. After round 1 however Connor inexplicably TELEPORTED INTO A ROOM NOBODY HAD ENTERED! HAHAHAH. He was immediatly surround by an Immolith and Lord Dust a Lich. Connor clung to the edges of life over and over again and died a few times, but was able to miracously survive the entire encounter. After slaying Zirithian the group found a +4 weapon, a +3 neck piece a ton of gold, enough XP to level up to 17 and THE SINGLE PAIR OF DICE OF AUSPICIOUS FORTUNE in the world!

Great Success. Now back to the Seven Pillared Hall to find out what the world has been up to since they have left.



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