Nentir Valley

Session 31

Session 31

The group entered the abyss, which they have found out to be Lord Orcus’s staging area for his undead troops. Immediatly upon entering they encountered the Keeper, a stanky eyed, bell around his neck creeper who is a sentient shard of Lord Orcus himself.

The keeper wanted nothing more than to be free of his duty to Orcus and to Zirithian. So he gave each member a coin to cancel one of the negative effects and of the realm which were super nasty (1-2 was -4 all defenses, 3-4 was -10 damage and 5-6 was 10 necrotic). He also told the group to try to salvage the magical sentient sword known as Nightbringer from Zirithian and when the opprotunity arose to shove the sword in Lord Orcus’s eye. He then gave the group a map of Deathnell (the hold in which Zirithian lives) and told them they would have to pass a 10 hour endurance check to get to the hold.

The group battled through a series of very intense endurance checks and made their way to Deathnell and lost a handful of surges.

Once at the Deathnell they had to cross a deadly bridge and kill some Skeleton Naga’s with huge reaches of 15 feet. They were succesful. The group then battled through the gate, although 3 members died from a naga and Pipes had to burn like 3 dailies to survive and heal back up the party. Finally the group ventured onto the Tower.

Within the tower the group battled through a vicious “flesh curtain” and defeated a series of wraiths and other undead creatures to create a safe place to rest for the night.

Overall Great SUCCESS! Only Chad and Aly have their coins to avoid the curses of this realm left.



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