Nentir Valley

Session 30

Session 30

The group progressed into the city of Pharvorul and passed its final abyss test! Then they cleared their way through the entrance and the torture pit to the Drow temple. They then encountered Matron Ulvrain and talked their way out of confrontation, for the first time ever, NOTE: for now. In order to accomplish this Chad and Aly had to convert to worship Loth, but that is a small feat to pay. In fact Chad was really pumped about it. They also realized that this would help fuse the rift between loth, Matron Ulvrain and Drider.

From here the group went to guard the rift between the underdark and the plane where Orcus rules, Deathnell. They successfully accomplished this, but not before Ken took a 72 damage opportunity attack.

Good round everyone!



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