Nentir Valley

Session 3

After defeating the kobolds in Session 2 the group advanced to the town of Winterhaven. After meeting with some locals at the bar including Eilian the Old and Lord Ernest Padraig and Thair Coalstriker and Valthrun the Prescient the party learned a few key facts including that Douven Staul was located at a dragon burial site and furthermore that Irontooth was located near by as well. The group disposed of them and heard irontooth yell “for lord orcus and kalarel i will meet you soon”.

The group returned back to winterhaven and learned the history of Shadowfell Keep and the story of sir keegan masacre of every living thing in the keep while under the dark influence of the darkness seeping in from the rift at shadowfell keep. The group has agreed to invade the keep on their next adventure.



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