Nentir Valley

Session 29

Session 29

The group welcomed a new member, Gauthak to the team. In the first encounter the team circumvented all logic and reason and went straight to the building that housed the portal to the other dimension in which Lord Orcus resides. Here they killed a team of turned drow. The group spent multiple rounds chilling in the Abyss, everyone loves a good ole fashioned abyss party.

Then the group proceeded to the barracks of this drow enclave. Here Frosty charged into the middle of the room and called out the boss into the center of a battle ring. He then made a piss circle around himself and called the commander a little bitch. Soon after Sleazy entered the room with a trickle of urine behind himself. The group was successful in clearing the room and they found a +4 mordant bastard sword for Dr. Pipes.

Next they proceeded to a building that was ravaged with war. Within they found the kin of Matron Ulvrain and they convinced him to become a foot servant in their money grab … i mean their city of Moonstair.

Then they proceeded to their final encounter in which they were faced against Marth, who was Matron Ulvrain’s primary assassin. They were creative enough to create a ridiculous way to break in, which included Sleazy summoning hammerfist to kick in a wall and then toss in an explosive barrel of jelly to collapse about 1/4 of the building.

The group then successfully locked down Marth and took out the encounter. Granted Sleazy spent most of his time working on elaborating on Frosty’s Sand sculptures in the abyss. Word is there is a full glass replica, to perfect scale, of the city of Minas Tirith, in case you are interested in visiting. Its quite a site. Unfortunately all you can see is this sculpture, a battle standard of healing and maybe some urine. Have fun!

Great adventure. Until next time.



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