Nentir Valley

Session 28

Session 28

The group succesfully took out the necromancer, and then they replaced one of the embalming chambers with the necromancers and ported him back to Moonstair to be a trophy in their mansion.

They cleared out a mutilated merchant house and found a weak slave to become a foot servant in one of their pleasure dens back in moonstair.

Then they mostly were successful in circumventing a group of spiders by climbing over a cliff.

The group then went to clear out the trade station that was inhabited by the Orontor mage. Within they found a series of wights, and a spider. After most of the wights were killed a few dragonborns, a umbering hulk and nightmare spawn attacked and reeked havoc on the group. All the while an abysal portal was bringing people randomly to the abyss dimension. Connor was the winner of the group going 3 times! They even left a battle standard of healing in the abyss in case they ever want to go back and visit.

After a hefty battle they cleared all of the baddies and found Orontor cowering under his bed in the final room. They talked to him and realized that Matron Ulvon and Zirithian are both to blame for the decay of this once great Underdark city.

On a side note, Justin went to -65… i mean -40, and Chad went uncouncious … unfortunately not by actual damage. Now they must decide what their next course of action to assault the Underdark city.



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