Nentir Valley

Session 27

Session 27

The group returned to Moonstair and installed a proxy government in which they will be taxing the pleasure dens at 5%, the inns at 2.5% and the incoming boat trade with a 5% tariff. They also set up Selena as the Steward of moonstair in their absence.

Then they traveled to the FeyWild and talked trade with Elrander and realized how powerful the magical items are in his coffers. They now know that he wants astral diamonds and that he is interested in finding a more consistent way to travel to the human driven plane.

They then traveled back to moonstair, and then to Thunderspire where they learned about the war between the Drow who worship Lolth and the Drow turned vampire who worship Orcus. They assisted a Drider and fought there way across the bridge into the Drow’s enclave and created an overnight camp in fortified building.

Then they were visited by Zirithian in their sleep and impressed him enough to beg them to come to his plane and to slay the Drow in their own.

Side note, Kenny died at least 5 times, and i had an awesome 40 ongoing damage on Dr. Pipes, Boom Roasted.



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