Nentir Valley

Session 23

Session 23

The group rode hard back from fighting Skalmad and returned to Moonstair to defend the city. The took out a group of worgs and a worgmaster on the outskirts of town, rode to the southern bay and fought a group of kuo toa and chuul monsters. Then they headed back to the heart of town, where they fought off three waves of attacks including wyverns, troglodyts, Manticore, trolls, nothics, ogre and a blghtborn demnnthorn spawning plant.

The group survived and learned some more about the history of Skalmad and in partiuclar the Eye of Moran that he wields is ancient Fomorian magic from the Fey. The only way to destroy it is to throw it into the stone cauldron.

Also parker found a harp, and a dick ton of grain to keep in his bag of holding.



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