Nentir Valley

Session 20

Session 20

The group killed off the abomination form of Karavakos on floor 2 and found a vampiric rogue and a fairy bard caught in his trap. They then battled there way through the undead 3rd floor and killed that version of Karavakos. After which they solved the riddle involving the three keys and ventured to the final floor of the Pyramid. They struggled through killing the true form of Karavakos but eventually succeded. (not without killing parker, and ken and a variety of others, stupid justin was outside of his death burst!). Then as the pyramid crumbled away around them they were greeted by a suprised group of the Mages from Thunderspire Labryinth who was shocked to realize they had gone missing for 25 years in the real world during their time in the labryinth.



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