Nentir Valley

Session 15

Session 15

The group left the Seven Pillared Hall and headed north in the Winterbole Forest. There they found a group of dwarfs, humans and a drake that were trying to enter a pyramid in the forest. After destroying these foes the group found an image of Karavakos who tricked the group into entering the “prism”/“prison”.

They teleported into a 30 foot pit of bodies and killed a couple carrion crawlers, 3 zombies and a head-fetish ogre. Then they found the disembodied head of Vyrellis. They found out the back story of Karavakos and they headed south into the Verdant Ruin. On the way they killed multiple Aroborean’s, a delicious boar, a satyr, 3 plant mounds, a tree ent, and black bear.

Also the group successfully exploded barrels of goo (dealing 6d10 damage and incinerating everything!)



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