Nentir Valley

Session 12

Session 12

The group returned to the Seven Pillared Hall and talked with the Ordinator Arcanis and discussed a trade in which they will find out what happened to the missing mage Paldemar in return for 50% off on all magical items for sale. On their own time justin banged a drow slut while holding a skull for 26 gold and parker beat a small kobold in a drinking contest. They fell into a trap with a large bronze warder and found some scrolls indicating that Paldemar was working with the Blackfang Gnolls in the Demon Well.

The group progressed to the well and killed some tentacle mother fuckers and then went and saved a giant dire boar who was being tortured. Unfortunately they started to crave bacon and were faced with the age old dilemma: to eat or not to eat your pet. Reason won in the end and they let the dire boar escape. After that they went on and found the first of the 4 rune keys (the book) that was being traded possibly between a gnoll and 2 tieflings. The group then progressed north and took out the hyenas in the pen along with their gnoll masters.

To end the night the group went down the dark pathway and had a long discussion with 3 ghosts concerning the history of the Demon Well. 3 more rune keys are left to be found.



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