Nentir Valley

Session 11

Session 11

Wow what a great night! The group adventured deeper and deeper into the Horned Hold. After their 1st encounter they found a couple of slaves and didn’t know what to do with them … naturally wally gave one of them the peoples elbow so hard through a table that he fractured ones rib cage and killed him. The other one they used as cannon fodder over a bridge into the next room. After that the group so demoralized a group of deurgars by slaying their mage in 1 shot that the remaining deurgar jumped off the bridge comitting suicide. They decided to continue into a room of undead wights and battled hard to create a safe place to rest up. They delved deeper and found the slave pits and killed all the demons and deurgar that run the pits, in fact Justin frooze a heavy clad dwarf in the pool and he drowned to death, bad ass! To finish the group slayed the deurgar leader Murklemor and found a bad ass totem. OHH, and the groups tank had to afk for an hour to slay a bat!



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